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A condiment. Can also be used as a sexual lubricant, art supply, weak adhesive, vitamin supplement, and baking soda substitute.

Has a tangy, vibrant taste. Is dark green in color. Can be found at your local Rosauers, if you ask for it specifically.

In 1986 there was controversy as to whether it should be banned in several European countries due to mild hallucinogenic properties. However the scientists had confused clackle sauce with an unrelated substance by the same name and interest in the sauce eventually subsided. Clackle sauce remains legal throughout Europe.
Clackle sauce is used in many popular food products including the children-oriented cereal 'Clackle Pops' and several brands of clackle flavored chips.

It is also a main ingredient in many whole wheat breads.
by ClackleFriends January 31, 2009
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