cinta laura is a 14 year old drama series actres who is is 88 pounds n 5'6 and thinks shes hot.i saw er playin in cinta fitri n cinderella (indonesian dramas) n she was so retarded. she pratends she cudn speak th language n has a fake accent...
cinta laura+chuna shushy=chinchua shushy
by apa deeech March 1, 2008
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Cinta Laura Kiehl is an Indonesian actress who is soooo annoying. She has totally annoying accent and annoying style. Come on, howe come you wanna learn Indonesian in Australia??? You're already in the country whose most of the people talk Indonesian! I mean, i know she's kinda smart or something, but her stupid statements makes her loooookkks soooo dumb. Besides, she looks 5 years older than her age. Hahaha.
"I think global warming is cool"-cinta laura
by i never like cinta laura November 18, 2008
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