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(pronounced like C-C-U, or see see you)A totally kick ass cool person, who has become a public icon in many online games, starting with Dark Age of Camelot, when he was the first person to gain more money, power, and prestige than anyone in the game, and when he left, he became on icon for the Albions.

Later, he went to a game called terraworld online, an online game using an FSO engine. he was known there for his Sprite work, odd and funny stories (F-TV being his main hit), and for acting like a weirdo.

He travelled across the internet, and moved to games like City of Heroes, and World of Warcraft, and Maplestory, etc. he carries a list of names. names including Terentius, Xock, even Wolfy. but his true name will always be Ciiciu.

Not much is known about him. on DAoC, he was a young boy, who just got the game. on CoH, he claimed to be 19. on Terra, he claimed to be a 19 yr old, who goes to Harvard. no pictures were ever taken of him, until Terraworld online. he has pictures of himself, before a prom, where just the picture, you can tell he is a very funny person.

Ciiciu works at his school soda bar, and makes cash by making sprites, and sending them to a company, that works in sprite work.

Ciiciu had made his own fan club as a joke, just for fun. but on DAoC, there was a Guild (or clan), called the Cii Fighters. a group that devoted to follow Ciiciu. every member was a runecaster, like ciiciu was. this group had few members, but is beleived to have a few active members still. not confirmed that they even existed.
examples of work can be found on Terraworld online forums, which ciiciu is still active. you can also find him as an active member on an organization called WOS, or world obliteration squad
by Arskagarf July 18, 2006
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