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A cigarette with most of the tobacco removed and replaced with ground up weed; a joint or some sort but easier to make. Looks like a cigarette but definatly not.
"My friend slipped me a ciggaweed today before work."
by CelinaBina October 22, 2007
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1. The act of being cool; and/or awesome. (cigga-weed)
2. The combonation of a cigarette and weed; commonly used among teenagers and undecided voters. (cigga-weed)
3. Origonally used for Demir Candas as a name.
1. You're looking extra cigga-weed today dude.
2. Hey, pass me that cigga-weed.
3. Hey Cigga-Weed, come over here so we can tell you something.
by Cigga-Weed September 08, 2008
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