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cigcore is a harsh genre of music played at incredibly fast speeds while employing positive cigarette lyrics (pro-cig) usually involving themes associated with cigarette culture. Although the origins of Cigcore are still harshly debated, many understand it to have evolved out of a wild mix of music. Several strong influences include the slow moody melodies of janis joplin, the brain compressing assault of anal cunt, and the Nystagmus inducing of Merzebow "king of noise".
Many bands who label themselves as Cigcore theme their lyrics around cigarette culture ie. brands, taste, harshness of bunning cigs. etc. Many Cigcore bands have enlisted the financial help of cigarette manufacturers in an attempt to spread their music to ever larger audiences. Song titles have been know to incorporate humorous titles such as "Light em' fast light em' up" "Cancer doesn't exist" "Suck my Lucky Strike" etc. While still viewed as an emerging genre, many young people have been drawn to the amazing musical ability of musicians as well as free prizes given out by the sponsors.
by Kernaass March 01, 2007
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