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A weeaboo who will do anything to get attention from people like CDawgVA or just anyone they meet. They never shut up even when they do get what they want. CielEarlPH, or Ciel Earl Phantomhive, has been "adopted" by Kaweewee for several years now, even though he runs off all day long to rob banks. He always succeeds. With the money, he throws it all at YouTuber CDawgVA so he can be noticed. Due to lack of intelligence from donating too much, they were banned from donating for 3 years.
Kaweewee: "CielEarlPH- I mean Mailbox, what the fuck were you thinking?! You could've been caught easily from robbing that bank! Are you high or what?!"
CielEarlPH: "It was worth it. Take the money and go."
Kaweewee: "That's the child I raised. I'm so proud. ;-;"
by CielEarlPH May 11, 2018
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