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I was searching around the internet and this is what I found out about Chynelle
She's the most classic white bitch even though she's black, loves kpop so much she listening to moaning audio of the members on Tumblr, uses Tumblr such a hardcore feminazi that she thinks everything she guy does is either harassment or they're in "master mode", she'll help you wash your dishes for some reason, if she interacts with an Ebobby/Ebony shell do all these things
- fix you
- try to rape you (or ur bf)

- want a to be inflated by someone she barely knows just bc she likes her asian bf
- thinks all guys are rude, ignorant, sex offenders
- guys corrupt you (apparently even ur son can too)

- think Mashe'ss Waluigi
- goes to the mall every single weekend
- asks random sexual questions
- is a fat nigger bitch
- takes her two days to realize she has been roasted
- drew Mario Monopoly on a scrub board
- STILL HAS a fucking scrub board
- most basic white bitch
- she runs like a Barbie in heels
- is a " good person" who always has to say it
- likes the weirdest fetishes you only find on DeviantArt

- thinks guy can influence you to put moldy shit under ur bed
- brought a bucket of ice upstairs just to keep her water bottld cold
- but doesn't like her ice cream cold???

- thinks ur a slob just bc you hang out with guys (just bc ur a girl)

- thinks guys force you to have a race car bed at age 15 with NFL posters to match
- hates guys so much she's probably gay
Guy 2: *in the background* Not if she's a Chynelle
Guy 2: He gets it
by Unknownpersononthissite June 23, 2018
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