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A Chinese wannabe emo. Can be used on any azn with long bangs or anyone that bleaches their hair, and then dying another color following the bleaching. And the person must listen to hellogoodbye, AFI, death cab for cutie or MCR. Plus, they have to be Chinese or part chinese, or may look chinese.
Chwemo: *listening to AFI* My bleached hair is in my azn face, I'm so emo.

Tight Pants Guy: Fuck you, you little chwemo, go masturbate to your math equations and go eat your egg rolls and fried rice. No wonder you can't get that white girl you've been dreaming to go out with for the past 4 YEARS. Man you suck. You don't even cut your wrists! Pussy. *laughs with joy, and starts making out with his cheating girlfriend.*

Chwemo: At least I don't wear tight pants, girly boy. *Goes home and cries while listening to "Here in Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye.*

Aren't you glad you're not a Chwemo?
by Chwemo April 18, 2007
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