Basically,a chupmunck is a nerd who reads manga and watches anime all day in their basement and will probably do that for the rest of their lives in the exact same basement.They only leave the basement to go to boy scout meetings with other chupmuncks. Not all boy scouts are chupmuncks though because some are pretty cool. But there are the ones that weasel their way into the boy scouts. They also have really annoying laughs so don't make them laugh. One major chupmunck is my friend Josh. He is so sheltered. The way to figure out if someone is a chupmunck is to ask them if they are living the sheltered life. Most chupmuncks I have come in contact with are in western Pennsylvania in the county of Beaver in the town/city/suburb of Beaver Falls. Chupmuncks reside there and usually either go to Beaver Falls or the Blackhawk school districts. They are not rare to these places. I advise staying away from the chupmuncks and not dating them under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
Person1 to Person2:DUDE! What is that chupmunck doing here? Shouldn't he be at home reading their anime or something?
Chupmunck:Actually,its manga.Anime is something you watch.
Person2:STFU, you stupid chupmunk. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR ANIME!
*chupmunck walks away crying...*

Haleigh:Josh, why are you such a chupmunk?
Josh:I don't know...I'm livin' that sheltered life.
by jellybean<3r March 8, 2011
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