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A being of such sexual prowess, it is said that chunilals have the ability to finish a woman with only a flirtatious wink. If a chunilal is attraced to a woman there is no hope for any other sexual rivals. Chunilals may look human but they are so much more,nobody knows the species origin but they have slowly infiltrated human society from the top of society to the bottom.

Chunilals are native to india but can be found all around the globe. Chuni lals are often accompanied by their 12 familiars, also known as their "chunipals".
example 1
person 1 "what is that large man doing to those gnomes in the garden"

person 2 "oh! thats a chunilal playing chunipals"

person 1 "the fuck is a chunilal?"

example 2
person 1"hey man that new guy, chunilal is flirting with my wife"
person 2" do you want help with the divorce papers"
person 1 *sighs* "yeah"
by hornswoggler September 25, 2017
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