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In essence, a misconstrued dialect in which oriental people greet each other. Stemming from the english word, "today", chueday has multiple meanings in the colloquial english-as-a-second-language AZN's tongue. "Chueday" can be used in accurate english context(rarely), but is more often misused as a greeting amongst the stereotypically AZN asians we all have come to love and hate. Certain AZNS will use "chueday" as, "hello", or "how are you?", or even, "Newtons first law of motion is sometimes referred to as the law of intertia".
Now you would have to ask yourself, how would they know which one is which? Well, depending on how certain syllables are stressed in the word, and the kind of tone it is said in, it is easy to decipher. See Below.

azn 1: chueday (regular tone: how are you guys?)
azn 2: CHUDAY!!! (excited tone, stressed "U":I had awkward azn sex last night)
azn 3: chooday... (double o, somewhat ashamed tone: With me!)
azn 1: chueday? (regular tone, question: Did you use a rubber glove?)

azn: CHUEDAY ist chune nineteenf, and i am wearning to wriate dah engarish, and haow choo grammaar dah engarish, vary goods.
by kristov June 16, 2006
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