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–verb (used with object)
1. to strike one's member with a smart, resounding blow or blows to a female's forehead, like snapping a towel.

*Regional Slang: Vulgar. Indiana Jones Style. I heard they chubble whack indiana jones style south of wilson, nc.

2. a smart, resounding blow, a forceful whip: a chubble whack right on her forehead.
3. informal. a reminisce: remember when i chubble whacked your mom?

-combination phrases
4. combo. teabag into a chubble whack: the simple act of combining a nasal teabag and a chubble whack. most popularly used after intercourse and/or climax.

-social pseudonyms
5. chubble whackster; one who chubble whacks. did you hear about brian? i heard he was a chubble wackster. yeah, he's so cool. my neighbor is a chubble whackster too, i wish i could be like him.
1. I only chubble whack my girlfriend on weekends, otherwise her forehead is red when she goes to work in the morning.

2. Tim used to be an avid chubble whackster until he got all serious with Renee.
by Roy Marvin September 04, 2008
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