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Christian and Sarah are the type of people you would always want to hang out with they are super laid back but can also make you laugh till you start puking. These have a friendship you can never Earase even if you split them apart they will always find a way to find each other these people are kinda really awkward but always get a way to make everything they do real smooth. They have an amazing personality together they can do infinity together. They make each other feel like they can do anything when you are crying they will always find a way to make you end up smiling. Even tho they may be complete neeerrddss they are always great friends. They will always be there for each other whether it’s watchomg night shinanigams together or eating a box of fruity pebbles u will never find them mad at each other.
Matt- yooo it’s christian and Sarah
Me- no way bro I wonder what trouble they are getting into now
by Pastry doow 84 March 04, 2018
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