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An alleged Christian that hates all sinners, especially gays and liberals.

A Christian that thinks he is the only one saved and feels the need to cram his view down everyone's throat.

A person that professes Christ and feels the need to kill doctors that provide abortions or burn down gay bars.

A term used unfairly of any Christian that simply wants to share his faith with a non-Christian.
Would you look at those christernazis screaming at that gay couple. Where are the cops when you need them?

Here comes Mrs. Smith, our town's christernazi. She hates me so much because I took my kids to go see Harry Potter!

These are those christernazis that picket funerals for soliders killed in action. They hate everyone!

All I wanted to do was invite my friends to the church youth group activity and they laughed and called me a christernazi!

The pastors in my church say that I can't cut my hair or wear makeup or wear jewelry. What a bunch of christernazis!
by tainochief November 20, 2010
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