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A Christ follower can be a Christian or a person that follows the teachings of teaches Christ.Most Christ followers are Christians, and they do not like to use the world Christian,because it has been abused by phony people claiming ot be Christian when they are not.Christ follower is also used in New Age theology, to where you support the teachings of Christ, and you are living to gain the Christ consciousness.
I really like the term Christ Follower,because it tells people that I follow Christ, and do not religion of Christianity. A true Christian is a Christ follower.
by PseudoMan2012 July 25, 2009
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a christian person who is sick of people judging them when they tell them their a christian. its a way of discribing your faith without people just seeing the stigma attached to the word 'christian'. Another good thing about a christian calling them self this is that it reminds them what their really doing, following christ. i refur to myself as a christ follower and i think when i'm trying to explain my faith to soomeone it helps to symplify stuff.
person: but all christians are hypocrits!
me: ahhh yes but i'm a christ follower...
by christie_bee January 09, 2008
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