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When a social media account is left open and unattended and a prankster seizes the opportunity to post something embarrassing about the current situation of the person's loose bowels (true or not, usually not). Working the word "chorro" into a song or phrase is encouraged.

If you have been chorro'd dont delete the post....Go and chorro that person back.
People being chorro'd below

ex. Chris left his facebook open and his brother Tony posts "When the chorro comes around- you must wipe it. Before it sits too long- you must wipe it! "

ex. Braulio left his facebook open and unattended. His brother Roman sneaks a quick post "you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you chorro all about."

ex. Sometime you dont have time and you have to type quick and get out before you're caught
Adrian leaves his phone unlocked and his cousin Marcela grabs it for a quick embarrassing post
"You know when you have chorro so bad you cry? Well I'm crying."
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