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older kids/preteens who hang out in front of price chopper from 6-8 pm on weekdays
We encountered a group of chopper monkeys playing hakkey sack. we calmly walked around them without making eye contact or sudden movements and were safe.
by snowandskibaby December 03, 2006
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A Blackhawk Helicopter Crewchief, or any Helicopter Mechanic/Crewchief. Also the Name of the Blackhawk Helicopter Videos Produced by Crewchief Sgt Bruce Adams that began back in 2000.
Look at that Chopper Monkey Climbing up the side of that Blackhawk. He knows how to fix shit.
by Rogue1974 April 11, 2009
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Slutty looking girl on back of a motorcycle, or a girl looking like she belongs on one.
That Josh is always riding that choppermonkey around town like she is the shit!
by BIGHOOT June 12, 2009
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