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noun: a person, most likely male, who may or may not own a chopper style motorcycle but acts hardcore. they will absolutely own a flannel, vans, and a pickup truck to haul their cool bike to shows where others actually do ride.

the chopper clam is the epitome of the follower, jumping on the bike and fashion bandwagon, but never really riding. it's about the scene and being cool for them, not riding.

clans of chopper clams can usually be found together as they hate being around non-clams who can see through their fakeness.
see also: attention whore
i went to the chopper meet and saw most of the chopper clams hauled the bikes 40 miles in their pickup truck instead of riding them.

the chopper clams were the only guys who bitched about the honda guy who actually rode 1,500 miles to get to the chopper meet
by tophamander February 11, 2010
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