A false impression of facial growth obtained by "chopping" off pubic hair and "sticking" it to ones face.
Nah Monica doesn't really have a moustache, that's a chop-stick!
by Baitos October 27, 2010
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Sexual Act; the act of two males using their erect penises to pick up random objects by using them like chopsticks.
Dwight, do you want to come over and play pee stream swords? Maybe after we can play some chopsticks.
by sniq May 15, 2011
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chopstick dick. that's all it means. it's very simple and you don't need to understand it. meanings come from within your inner soul, not from a website you're browsing cause you're bored, you chopstick.
aipeen: are you a dick?
person: no, i'm a chopstick dick
aipeen: meaning chopsticks?
person: okay
by aipeenchopstick December 15, 2019
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Racial slur referring to the utensils commonly used to eat Chinese food by them Crazns.
White: Yo, check out that chop stick.
White2: Yeah, she sure is Asian.
by libbzor November 26, 2005
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A skinny pinner person that is easy to break
Bill: Why is that skater beefing?

BoB: His arms are like chopsticks!
Bill: I know I could break him in half.
by A Bmxer August 12, 2010
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Get pussy
Chopsticks Kung Fu it up it means to get pussy raw like
by Raiderettes September 13, 2009
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where you are born with two penises that can pick things up and place them comfortably into your mouth
man pulls down his trousers as he tucks into his chinese meal using his 'chopsticks' to place things into his mouth.
by manning93 August 07, 2009
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