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a term that describes any particularly ghetto mexican or any other spanish speaking hispanic. Equivalent to and used the same way as wetback and wab.
That car that passed looks so choontie.
Santa Ana is full of choonties.
My gardening gets done by choonties.
I hate going to Albertos because it's always full of choonties.
by choonties are everywhere June 25, 2006
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a term describing something tacky, cheap, or knock off. Usually mexican.
Skyler: Dude, that car has bullet holes & it looks like it's on fire!

(They both walk closer to the car)

Tom: Those are stickers man. That's so choontie.

-A mural of the virgin mary on the hood of a mini van.
-Having to open your door at the McDonald's drive-thru because your window doesn't roll down.
-Spinners on a geo.
-Cooking eggs on an iron.
-Charging your phone at a restaurant.
-Gathering all your change to buy an elote (corn on a cob) and barely having enough.
-Buying (designer) purses from that guy in the corner and telling people it's real.
-Black girls with bleach blond hair.
-Putting a dollar on your BOOST mobile plan, just to keep it on.
-Your neighbor with the bright pink jumpsuit that says BEBE on her butt with the gold jewelry and teeth.
-Washing your clothes with dishsoap.
-Gathering all the little leftover pieces of soap to make one big piece.
by EandD February 03, 2010
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