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A chonga that thinks she preppy just because she wearing American
Eagle, Hollister Co., or Abercrombie; different colored bracelets, converses, ect. Or a chonga gone preppy (because its "in style") in other words a poser . Even though theyre wearing Hollister. American Eagle and Abercrombie on top theyre still sporting the tight ugly brazilian jeans on the bottom. They'll usually say im not a chonga im preppy . They'll still have characteristics of a chonga (big hoop earings, lots of gold jewelry, tight pants, ghetto langauge or features, ect.) They're also super loud and try to grab attention by being loud and abnoxious and most likely of hispanic origin. Hoes and not classy at all!
Do you see that chongeppy with the hollister bag thinking shes preppy?!

Stupid chongeppy, she needs to learn how to dress!

Woah wasnt the girl a chonga?! And now shes dressing preppy... What a chongeppy!
by My Name nugggaaaa January 02, 2007
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