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An email a person receives after engaging in some endeavor the sender of said email deems a "poor choice".

The heading of a choices email simply states "Choices". In the body of this email, the sender of the email first names a group, for example, "the family", as the concerned party. They then go on to express concern over the choice in question, for example, "alcohol usage". After this, the email is ended with question "What's up?"

Two scenarios that can earn one a choices email:

1. Having one's mom find numerous empty alcohol bottles in their filthy apartment

2. Losing all of one's centsports money on a over/under WNBA bet.
Possible choices emails

Scenario #1:

Email title: Choices



The family is concerned about your alcohol usage.

What's up?

Scenario #2

Email Title: Choices


Admiral Halsey

The website is concerned about your reckless betting. What's up?
by RoundupReady July 25, 2008
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