A type of weed that doesn't exist. Dealers usually try to sell their shitty schwag by giving it this wonderful name. Chocolate Thai exists but Chocolate Haze doesn't.
Matt: Hey man, you got some chronic?

Dealer: No man, but I got this stuff called Chocolate Haze!

Matt: You mean like Chocolate Thai?

Dealer: No man! This is so fucking potent! I smoked some and I was high for like 6 hours!!

Matt: Holy shit! How much for an ounce?

Dealer: I usually charge $650 for an ounce, but I'll sell to you for $400!!

Matt buys an ounce and tells his friends. They laugh and tell him he got ripped. He is later sent to jail for being a FUCKING IDIOT and gets assraped every night.
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
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