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n. the monk that is responsible for counting the offerings and tiths in the monastairys in las vegas, where it is completly acceptable to give offering in casino chips.
how much offering did we bring in last sunday? i dont know ask keith he's the chip monk this week.
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
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A small furry rodent type mammal with big eyes & puffy cheeks.
They have a very high pitched voice & seem to think that a paper aeroplane is the biggest in the world (& maybe it can carry other planes in it??).
They tend to store bedding & food in their cheeks from time to time making the appearance of their mouths puffier (Like hamsters), this is a way of making themselves more attractive to potential mates by saying “Look at me I have a HUGE gob to spurt out more utter crap!!).
Another rarer form of Chipmonk his tall long spiky black hair pulsating out from its head, this rare version is known as a “Christophosfer” Chipmonk.
God you talk some crap, you are a right chipmonk!!
You chipmonk, stop talking utter rubbish!!
by Alan Chew May 15, 2007
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