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Chinese Teacher is a game played by a large group (this game gets kinky so make sure there arent any kids around). The first person whispers a question to the player on their right, the person then answers the question by saying another players name. The players whos name was called would then put up a finger. This continues all the way around the circle. Once everyone has asked a question and answered one, everyone reveals their question and refreshes the group on who they picked. This game can be played for many rounds and can be a dirty or clean as one would want.
Player 1: *whispering to player to the right* "who do you think would be the first to become a stripper?"
Player 2: *out loud* "Tina put up a finger
*(Continues around circle)*
After that...
Player 1: *to group* "my question was who do you think would be the first to become a stripper? And (player2) said Tina."
*(Also continues around circle with everyones questions and answers)*
"Lets play chinese teacher everyone!!!!"
by Tootiefrootie679 September 06, 2016
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