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low self-esteem chinese singaporean who listen purely to chinese pop music, dress inappropriately in town, socially inept, no sense of self concept, following fad trends that come and go. guys are low class to no class, and girls are high class wannabe that fail miserably. cannot speak proper english at all.
guys in oversize tshirts/cheap polo, jeans and sport shoe/sandals, dress like LKK typical chinaporean guys.
girls in heavy makeup, short skirts, wear scarf but don't even know how to tie a proper scarf like westerners, typical chinaporean girls.
local chineses who fail to pronounce words like three, twelve, lettuce, and speak in singlish accent that sound so typical singaporean.
carry branded bags like louis vuitton but dress fugly, making true high class people laughing at them on the inside.
by lowclassgirl April 16, 2011
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