A girl who can't choose between her friends and a guy. She will often lie to the ones closest to her and can go from your bestfriend to your worst enemy in a day. She usually is pretty and skinny and can get any guy she wants, but she continually chooses the ones who treat her like shit and then complains. A Chiey has no self respect and is usually labelled a slut.
Person 1: OMG! That girl is so beautiful and self respecting!
person 2: who? her? NO WAY, that's a Chiey.
person 1: do you think she'll hook-up with me?
person 2: depends are you going to ring her the next day?
person 1: Of course not, it's a one night stand.
person 2: sure, that's how a Chiey rolls. Be careful you don't kiss her last though. She's probably eating more than one tongue tonight!
by Grammar Nazi over 9000 August 06, 2011
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