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1. someone of indian descent who connects to the the black race.
chiefdarkskin: was up my nigga's?
black person: who the fuck are you? I should kick yo indian ass.
chiefdarkskin: hey bitch don't be a player hater.
black person: dane g you a retarded motha fucka.
by peanus wrinkle June 04, 2006
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1. A man of Native-American descent who feels compelled to the black race. Often wearing such raiment as FUBU and Ecko.
2. A black person who wants to be native american, very un-common in social circles. Enjoy the sight if you see one.
3. A native-american girl with a large and well-rounded booty. Somewhat like my people's ladies (the black-race).

Chief Darkskin: Yo, my nigga. Yo girl gotz a mighty fine booty but she aint as fresh AZIMIZ.
Jalontrell Davis: Man, you acool Totem-pole-totin' mothafucka.
Jim Niggachowki: Can I be your friend?
Chief Darkskin: No way, your polish.

Chief Darkskin: I'm going to see the reservation mom.
His Mom: Why in the world would a negro want to see a reservation. It's like an Indian project.

You: I'd do dat chief darkskin in da trunk!

by Elijah and Tucker April 07, 2006
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