An event in which teenagers-young adults from Chico and the surrounding areas gather and engage in various activities which often include alcohol and drugs. Chicoween begins the Thursday before Halloween weekend and lasts until Halloween. If Halloween falls on the weekend, may god have mercy on your soul. EVERY type of party happens this weekend which includes ALL frats, trap, and multiple various house parties. Don't be the guy that shoots up the party or gets shot. Also, everyone dresses up. Don't be the guy that doesn't dress up. Whatever you dress up as, be sure to add the word "slutty" in front of it. Being a bunny? No you're a "slutty" bunny. It's October, but in the famous words of Cardi B, "A hoe neva gets cold" Chicoween is Halloween like you've never experienced it. We aren't the WILDcats for no reason.
Brad: Dude I don't know if I want to go out this weekend.
Jake: Bro it's CHICOWEEN why wouldn't you go out this weekend?????

Sara: Is the drive from Sac to Chico really worth it?
Jamie: DUH it's Chicoween
by daizy7575 January 28, 2018
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