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Someone trying to be or who is, overly contemporary or stylish.

-False artistic flair. Takes a fuck load of useless pictures.

-An even douchier, vain scene kid.

-Usually not very emo, but can be hardcore, indie and scene.

Characterized by some of the following (especially when inappropriate):

scene band tees
aviators and other large sunglasses
animal tees
beanies/earflap hats/heavy winter hats
bright shoes
scene and hardcore hair styles
almost anything lime green, bright yellow or bleach white
girl pants/skinny jeans
bows or flowers (in hair)
other band or music associations
bold print tees
"Damn Jimmie, look over at those chicofags!"
"Yeah. They're totally pimpin with those aviators, tight band tee and girl pants...what a douche"

"Get out of here, scene asshat!"
"Dude, that's not a scene kid, that's a chicofag. Look at his bright clothes and winter hat. Plus you can tell he's uber douchy.
by goldenzelda2000 July 27, 2009
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