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1). a phrase that can be used to tell your buddies that a potentially good looking group of girls have been spotted while out in a social setting (bar, campus, party, etc.)
2). the name given to a seafaring vessel that has been the source of much controversy, myth, and legend. It is known to have been built in the year 1969, a year that will forever live in minds of sailors and seamen alike. Through many exchanges of hands it has garnered notoriety for being an agile beast, who can untie itself from docks, ruin/deplete bank accounts, and be an endless source of sea tail and hangovers. For these points alone, it will live on in the hearts and minds of those who have boarded its decks and attempted to tame it.
for defintion 1:

person 1: "hey man this bar blows, lets get out of here.."
Person 2: "no way, there's chicks ahoy! at 2 o'clock son"

for definition 2:

BK- "man, the cops just called.. apparently chicks ahoy! is somewhere out on the bay"
TK- "wait wasn't it tied up just last night"?
BK- "yeah I guess it got loose, and now its out sailing around on its own"
by seeeriousowashington February 18, 2009
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