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The exact origins of this word are unknown

It is often used as a reply when met with the insult 'You annoy me'

Only used by blonde psychos, When they are trying to sound serious but fail.

or someone with the body of a moose and the head of a chicken
J*ngo : You annoy me
S*r*h : You annoy me! Chicken Moose!

Or Jesus Christ mate, Is that a Chicken Moose?????
by Jay Dee April 26, 2004
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A Druid in Moonkin form on World of Warcraft. Long running joke of the guild Musket Ears, following a series of events on Ventrilo.
Person A: What are they doing? Waving their arms around, being useless while you do all the work!
Person B: What the hell are you talking about?
Person A: Get that Chicken Moose to do something!
Others: LOLS
by Mr. Xerox August 04, 2009
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