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"Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear,"
A brave soul once did write.
In this world no one does care,
no huggy bears in sight. :(

Then one day, our hero came,
A fuzzy sight to see!
Dear old Chgu, that was the name,
The females cried in glee.

For when he came, the tale goes,
The hugs were spread around.
Everyone was spared their woes,
And hugging did abound.

But bears can be quite tricky,
You really are forewarned.
I hear he left a hicky,
On poor old Beth *******.

Chgu, so I hear, bears a remarkable resemblance to the common north american grizzly bear. Watch out for his curly eyelashes and deadly cute giggle.
by MaryBlossomSmith September 10, 2006
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