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Cheylan is Latin which also means blind. Cheylan is a name given to a girl who cares a lot about her close friends/family, she can be flirtatious, but also very shy at times, She will more than likely have brown hair. She is also someone who makes friends very easily and can be very popular. She is very confident in who she is and is very fun to be around, she tries her best to do the right thing. She can be awkward around some people (like her crush) and sometimes she can be kinda embarrassing if shes around her friends and she doesn't care...until she looks back on it. When she looks back on the dumb things shes done she will "hate herself" for like 5 minutes and will probably do it again the next day. If your friends with a cheylan than you are really lucky.
Guy: hey cheylan you look pretty.

Cheylan: ummm thanks

Guy: wanna go to the movies?

Cheylan: maybe...
*leaves him on hold for days than says she can't.
by Kae_4 March 26, 2017
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