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The greatest girl on the face of the planet ! No one can compare to her . She sexy,cute,beautiful and very smart :) she the light of anyone's life that she knows . Everyone wants to be her and every guys wants to date her . She the upmost of perfection and no one else is even close . This definition isn't even close to explaining how perfect Cheyenne is . Just know , if u get the chance of dating her , make it last . Can fall in love with you when u walk in the room at you're friends house ;) she's just perfect ! :)
When I walked in and saw Cheyenne Barfield on the trampoline my heart stopped!

I know Cheyenne Barfield and I didn't last long but I am so happy that I get the pleasure of saying she once loved me .

Man,me and Cheyenne Barfield FaceTimed all night .

I still love Cheyenne Barfield .
by Zach C. :) September 20, 2013
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