awsome compact SUV from the 80's that still had impecable fuel mileage.
My first vehicle was a 1984 Toyota 4runner, 22r 5 speed manual. my second was a 1989 chevy blazer, 4.3l V6, 700r4 4 speed automatic. the 4runner got about 25 mpg's highway, not bad for an SUV. like all rice burners though, it's power band was at a high-gas-guzzleing-RPM. and it had only a measly 90 H.P. so it had to nearly be floored to keep up w/ traffic.

my blazer, with nearly twice the engine size, would easily get 35 mpg's. like most american "redneck" engines, it has a wide spread powerband and a low redline at 5000RPM. but because of it's wide powerband, under normal drivng conditions, it shifts at about 1600 rpm and idles at 480 to 500 rpm. and it has about 200 H.P. and near 300 Ft. Lb. or torque. so rather than guzzleing gas, it sips rather politely.

...until you floor it. then the RPMs jump up to 4000 and you can watch the gas gauge go down... that is, if you eyeballs arn't stuck to the back of your skull.
by 2fit661ca February 19, 2009