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A small boring 4 cylinder car made by Chevy from 1976-1987. This was the car for the ultimate cheapskate. It was meant to replace the Vega in the small car line up, but was still just as crappy. Mid 70's models included a "woodie" version with fake wood trim usually seen on stationwagons. And there was also a bare bones "scooter" version which didn't even have a backseat or a glove compartment. In 1979 the Chevette was given a minor face lift with square head lights, and it stayed the same until 1987 when it was replaced by the badge-engineered "Geo" brand of General Motors.
Kid1: I bet my little red wagon could go faster then then that crappy Chevy Chevette!!
Kid2: LMAO, I bet!! Even my Moms Pacer looks better then that crap box!!
by Metalhead83 September 10, 2011
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