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n. shev-uh-leen

Chevaline is a fictional creature from Neal Stevenson's post-cyberpunk novel The Diamond Age. The Chevaline is a nanovictorian bioengineered horse-like creature built with a virtually unlimited power supply and preternatural agility. Seems to derive from the French word for an equestrian statue.

Chevaline is the pseudonym for Memetec Design LLC's creative director C. Cole, an accomplished dancer who was involved in establishing The Venue in Boise Idaho.
"A horse, or something built around the same general plan, was coming down the street at a hard gallop. Its hooves did not make the pocking noise of iron horseshoes. Bud realized it was a chevaline - a four-legged robot thingy."
From The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson.
Published by Bantam Books in 1995

by Crazylegs McCracken October 03, 2007
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