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1) One of the most difficult stains to remove left when the juice of the cherry fruit drips on clothing.

2) A mess left on the sheets, in her panties, on the car seat, or where ever a girl looses her virginity if her hymen bleeds. Often the blood is mixed with seamen when the girl loses her virginity through unsafe sex.
Vivki had a hard time explaining the cherry stain in her underwear to her mother because her mother recognized the cum mixed in with it. She tried to tell her mom that she was on her period, but she knew that her mother had bought her sanitary napkins two weeks before so she probably wouldn't believe her. Her mom was upset because Vicki had sex on her first ever date, but was gentle as she told Vivki about safe sex. Vicki told her mom that she hopped Randy could get the cherry stain out of his bed sheets because they left a lot of blood and cum.
by BRD October 27, 2004
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