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chengguan:noun,verb and adjective.
Noun.It's a special kind of weapon of massive destruction created by the gov of China. Mainly, it is used in local streets. Its major targets are peddlers and hawkers. No matter when and how many hawkers just show up in the streets, chengguan will attact them as soon as you could ever imagine and make a disastrous battlefield with multiple kinds of damage. Usually it is used only against Chinese. The creator claims it's gonna be the final solution for ultimate world peace.
Verb. Also it can be used to curse or just to show brutal hostility.
Adj-ed.People usually use it to describe streets or people hurted by disasters.
Noun. Chinese gov claims that chengguan won't be used in international conflicts unless for the reason of defend.
Verb. I swear I'm gonna chengguan you and I'm gonna chengguan the crap out of you.
Adj. Dude, you look terribly chengguaned, somebody just chengguaned you?
by Nacongnagedashen May 18, 2009
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