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a preppy school, footballers, chick soccer players, most of the rich pricks and an assotment of ghetto kids from the c. bridge. chenango valley is the arch nemesis. great chorus. pretty much your regular school with alot of after school activities + a ropes course in the woods and a pond and an indoor pool. apparently thats not standard with other highschools. lol. tennis courts, brand new track w/ football terf, pit, baseball field, 3 soccer fields, kayaking, snowboarding, sledding (as gym activities) workout room next to pit. actually pretty great place. mostly a school famous for football and girls soccer, and guys wrestling, girls volleyball. the town has a few car dealers, a few wies's and cvs's and a couple closed stores, and some nice houses further in the hills, hair salons, a trift shop, and aldi, a hockey shop, a friendly's, otsinigo park(home of the spiedie fest), hotels, mcdonalds, applebees, old folk's home, community college, starbucks, ice center, a jail (police), alot of ice-cream places, coldstone, pizza place, and go on the highway wherever else you wan to go. 10 minutes away. i'd say one the better towns in the southern tier.
chenango valleybinghamtonchenango forks
by hardassliving December 15, 2010
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An almost non-existant town in Upstate New York that has a great wrestling team and almost nothing else.
Did you hear what happened in Chenango Forks last night? Must have been wrestling, nothing else happens there.
by Policare's Favorite December 09, 2010
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