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present participle
1) To be occupied, in such a way that leads to procrasination, yet fulfilling one's insatiable boredom with fun-ness and "<333".
2) To just do what a certain Michelle does, especially saying the acronym "jk" to smoothly cover things up.
3) Something you would do if you were cool enough.

Includes picture whoring, myspacing, xangaing, chatting, complaints of how ugly one's self appearance is, text messaging, watching T.V (Reality T.V, football, etc), talking on the fone, listening to music and dancing like a dork, eating a whole lot (getting fat), sleeping, trying to stay pretty, calling people loser, and over usage of "<3"s in conversation (They're ugly, by the way). Pretty much a typical, Michelle. (Not to be stereotypical to any other Michelle's out there)

syn. Being Ugly, fat, pretty, dorky, like loser, etc.
I'm chelle'ing around too much, I'll never get this essay done. But since I'm so awesome, I will.
by Cheebo August 12, 2006
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