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1.Cheetah Dog is a bond shared between peopel who enjoy each others company
2. Of or in refrence to those who enjoy common interests while driving around the hills
3. A very finneee plant
4. A cheetah dog can be a person or the plant

Yo! Do you have any cheetah dog?
Damnn thats some good cheetah dog!
by ang-e-FINE October 23, 2006
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A bond shared between people who enjoy each others company.
Something/Someone STEALTHY.
Anything awesome.
Can be a person or not.
Bringing Sketchy BAck. YEP
YO! What up cheetah dog, you look fly!
Come party..bring the cheetah dogs.
One would call teenskeet for tian to hook up some cheetah dog.
I have a date with cheetah dog tonight!
by shaniqua donlivehurr December 21, 2006
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