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"cheese fag"-a back stabing son of a bitch whoose main goal is to piss you off,cheese fags are most well know for disgracing your family heritage,family members and or deceased family members. "Cheese fags" are found all over the world but mostly in "teamspeaks" and local high schools.

"Your a dam cheese fag god will smite you!"
"Wow, I didnt know cheese fags cocks were that small LOL!!"
You can protect yourself by knowing how to spot a "cheese fag" before they strike
1."cheese fags" only have a small cock
2.they spend an awesome sum of money on things they arent even good at,they do it to fit in (experts of the "cheese fag" beleive it a defence mecanisim to make up for their small cocks/bad skill at computer games)."cheese fags" usally buy, computergames,computers airsoftguns.etc.
3.their all around annoying
by DAVEAGE SOKOL November 11, 2005
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