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Much like when a senior citizen is having a "senior moment," when a normally smart, quick-witted person has a temporary mental lapse in judgement and/ or conversation. See also: Lil' Darryl moment
Sorry, cheerleader moment.
by Krystal March 30, 2006
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Any of those ultrannoying scenes in the series "Heroes", where the Cheerleader starts whining about whatever to her dad, and her psychodad says (preferably after some cold blooded killing) ""you're daddy's little clairebear, all i want is for you to be safe, and live a normal life yadiyadi i love you so much yadiyadi. .
And then the Cheerleader starts pouting about being different and special and save the yadiyadi

and so we have a beautiful freudian geysir of fraternal and territorial superamericanized issues squatting all over something that could be a really really good television series.
Claire: I hate you dad, and you're not even my dad !
Mr. Bennet: All that matters to me is that you're safe.
Claire: I don't wanna be safe, I am different, I'm special !
Mr. Bennet: You're staying here, and you're gonna live a normal life, and you're always gonna be my little clairebear, ok ?
Claire: Ok, dad, I love you.


(the resolution of a Cheerleader moment)
by 22flux March 02, 2009
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