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1.Not knowing what a phrase/ebonics word/ or abreviation means and having to look it up.

2.Quickly looking up a word to see what "modern" definition is.

3.Bored and trying to find new words to use.
1.Aim Convo:
Male: Yeah and I just broke up with my girl.. Im not sure if I want to get into another relationship..
Female:Do you want to be my FWB?
Male: Im gunna go check the urb.. (Searchs fwb and finds "Friends With Benefits)
Male: Now your speaking my language!

2.What is a Mozilla FireFox Godzillas cousin? (checks the urb)Ohh apparently its "The bestest browser ever".

3.(While Bored, Guy decides to Check the Urb) Hmm Word of the day, "jackass of all trades" Nice I'm definitely gunna try and use that word in a convo today.
by Joeyjoejoeshababadoo October 20, 2007
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