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The word is chawnkey and is used in all places,

To describe cold hard insults, or loving embraces.
You’ve seen chawnkey your whole life and you had no idea,
That there is a word to describe your delicious tortilla.
We have all felt chawanky every day,
But you may have used it in a different way.
You may have replaced chawnkey with a form of love,
Which is kind of the same, but only sort of.

For Chawnkey is also replaced by hate,
Fuming and yelling and down right irate.

Its hard to describe what chawnkey is and what chawnkey is not.
Like trying to describe what a mirror looks like, and getting real distraught.

But deep down inside we’re all filled with glee,
That from the day we were born we all felt chawnkey.

Excerpts from a poem by Riley L
by OJSampsonsGhost May 21, 2014
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