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Anything that is obviously cheap and disgusting. Only chavs cannot see how minging it is.
- Eww, look at that Fred Perry jacket!
- I know! It's chav-tastic!
by Rach xxx April 08, 2006
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Type of sad person that knows nothing about cars.

Usually finds underage girls attractive and boasts about his underage conquests.

Causes agruments whenever possible.

Has no sense of taste or decency
He's having a chavtastic moment!!
by Ben 'Nemesis' Martin December 27, 2007
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Anything that someone defined as a 'chav' might find fantastic, such as giant gold hoops, clown pendants, Burberry, and other items of 'bling'.
Ha-ha! He's pimped his ride in totally chavtastic style. Do you think his lowered suspension might hinder his progress over the speed hump?
by StarBar August 18, 2005
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An item that is unbeliveably crap to the rest of the sane population, yet chavs seem to find hugely desireable. Therefore as one chav gets their hands on the 'chavtastic' item it then becomes part of the chav culture. This is because they cannot think for themselves and follow their 'gang' as they skive school to 'chill with da boys 'innit' and sniff pritt stick, and therefore have no capacity to think for themselves but simply follow each other around swearing and spitting for pleasure.
Dear god, did u see him - he was chavtasic - TO THE MAX!,
Those yellow-gold sovereign rings are chavtastic mate,
Boy racers with subs so loud their car shakes streets miles away are chavtastic,
As is listenin to 'fiddy cent'

by tinkerdbell June 30, 2006
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something is so bad it becoms good to the chavs that desire it
that piece of fake gold is chavtastic.
F reg novas with loud exausts are also chavtastic.
by William Gates February 04, 2005
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