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a guy who is a douchebag and pretends to drink beer to impress women and put down friends in the precence of females. and then talks about his car which his family bought him and does'nt pay alot of bills douchebag!

also see liar and backstabber and fucking loser cuz he is prob all 3.
1. "hey cutie i have an honest job and make ok money and i think your attractive. alex- hey wait a moment girl i have a mustang and i drank like a milloin beers already and i just got here by the way i have a mustang. Tom- hey douchebag you just pulled an chatztistamatis good job assshole.

ex 2. a fucking huge giant greek queer asshole who fucking lies to get female attention who leeches of cool guys.

"hey babe i like pay no bills thanks to mommy and daddy so do you wanna go like have sex i make 1800 dollars a pay and my friends have kegs but i just fucking leech of them anyway did i mention i have a mustang?

ex3. "hey tom you know your drunk?
"of course asshole cuz i really drink my beers you fucking poser. such an chastitamatis move you fucking no life having loser. and ps fuck your mustang.
by The universe February 29, 2008
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