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A female on a dating website or cybersex chatroom who is only there to talk (i.e. get attention) and not there to actually meet someone or engage in naughty story time. They often complain about the "perverts" they encounter on dating sites or in sex chat despite their presence on a web page many would consider "perverted".

Some especially hypocritical chatroom queens will have an active web cam on in a sex chatroom and complain that people ask to see their tits.

Chatroom queens are distant cousins of cam whores.
Bob462: Hey Mary82! Show us your tits!
Mary82: OMG! That's so gross!
SPANKDADDY: How are you Mary?
Mary82: I'm good, how are you?
Bob462: Don't waste your time SPANK, she's a chatroom queen....
SPANKDADDY: no win in this room tonight...
Mary82: Someone talk to me!
by ElNabo March 02, 2009
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